My Resume from 1983-2013

Kathryn E. Berman

6424 Brandywine Drive South

Margate, Florida 33063

Phone: 954-856-8351

Kathy Berman Online

Ability Summary

My first computer was made by Radio Shack—TRS 80—and I bought it used at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 1981. I love computers and have three.

I currently have 10 blogs—my main one is that I started in Nov. 2004 and write for 3-5 times weekly. I also do research on the internet and have collected the best sites for 10 years.

Helping others to be more proficient with computers brings me great joy as I know these are skills that will help them throughout his/her life. I have worked at five call centers in Tampa in the training department. My first career was as an English teacher.

Employment History

Sales and Office Manager at Gold Tree Coop—

Bradenton, Florida. I sold over 200 homes while there.

Trainer and Senior Project Manager at SBC Telecom—

Tampa, Florida

Trainer at Internet Help Desks at Spectrum, MCI and AOL –

Tampa, Florida

Complex Medical Claims Representative at Oxford Health Plans—Tampa, Florida

Marketing and Sales at John Hancock Variable Life—

Winter Park, Florida.


BA in English and Business from West Liberty University—

West Liberty, W. Va.

Have completed several marketing and sales trainings.


Have complete home office with 3 computers that each has Microsoft products and Windows 7. I also have a printer, scanner, and copier.

Love gardening, writing, reading mysteries and helping others.


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