The Energy of Healing

“The concept of energy and the flow of that energy in the human body is the core of the current explosion in healing. The healing principle is to “balance” the energy in the body by using relaxation to counter the body’s reaction to stress.” The Berkeley Holistic Health Center

The Changemaker blogs integrate all the tools for living a healthy, balanced life. Many times busy people will see or read something that they would love to integrate into their lives. But they lack the time to plan and execute a total health plan.

Changemaker offers the Changemaker blogs geared toward recreating your life by making healthy choices. With the blogs, you may choose a diet program, a fitness plan, and/or the emotional/mental processes designed to give you higher energy.

You will create your individual plan of dealing with stress, adding exercise you enjoy, finding your life mission, making new time choices, creating a new food plan of foods you love, and feeling empowered. By using the emotional/mental exercises recommended, you will add more energy and vitality to your life.

The Changemaker blogs include mental, physical and emotional exercises that you can use for the rest of your life because a total life make-over is needed to get and stay healthy.

We have spent 30 years researching, enjoying, and implementing self-help, exercise, diet, nutrition, spiritual, emotional, mental, psychology and addiction books. Our central focus is on holistic healing—mind, body and soul. So the Changemaker Library includes the books we have found that have become our “textbooks”.

We have included 50+ books which are incorporated in our Changemaker Library. All of the books used are the choices of Changemaker without solicitation from any author or publisher. We include the title of the book, the author, the ISBN number, and an Amazon link if you choose to order the books yourself.

Our goal is that each person using the Changemaker blogs can create and continually change her/his health plan. Health takes effort to maintain. Each of us needs to know what we need to do to attain our highest level of health.


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