My Online Work

Main blogs: (see description under Changemaker Blogs); original blog about my spiritual journey that I call recovery. It was named changemaker because we are each the changemaker in our own lives. I started this blog Thanksgiving, 2004.; has the Changemaker Test I wrote 20 years ago to teach anyone 10 of his/her personality labels and what each means. Anyone can give it to anyone else and share the results with each other.; I believe that the best personal growth happens in small groups. Because I believe that mental health is a fluid state and not a fixed state, I trust the group conscience. I’ve always wanted to start a small group using the Changemaker Test as a way to get to know each other. So I created this blog to teach about small groups.; I read 90 books in the 3rd grade. How do I know this? Because my teacher made me stay after school to report on the. Si I’ve taken 10 topics from my blogs and created Amazon lists for each. And, yes, I am an Amazon Associate so I will collect a small percent for each sale.; The main message of my blogs is about healing—mind, body, soul and emotions. I believe addiction is an emotional disease  so the inner child has to be healed from our childhood wounds to really grow.

Google Reader: I follow 512 blogs under 89 topics.

Twitter (kberman): Following, 2679; Followers, 2,613; Updates, 1,152. I have set up a RSS feed to Twitter which lists my post for the day. This goes to all in Twitter that follow me.

My Facebook profile: Kathy Berman

My blogs created to teach others about blogs: I created this blog to teach about blogs to the community I live in. Started to encourage blog growth Created to demonstrate sales blog

My Squidoo Lenses: Also a short sampler of my life. My favorite Squidoo lens of mine is ACOA, Codependency and My Inner Child.

My bookmarks are at Delicious: changemaker. I have 2561 bookmarks there which anyone can access.


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