My Changemaker Labels

These labels from the Changemaker Test are mine (Kathy Berman). These explanations are taken directly from the Changemaker Test Package to demonstrate the complexity of the label explanations.

A. NLP (neurolinguistic programming)–I am auditory. Only 10% of people tested are auditory. We are the ones who are always making you wait for certain words in a song. When I used to be dating, my poor friends had to hear the whole conversation of my current guy and me–“I said and then he said”–blah, blah, blah.

B. Birth order–First born. The first born believe that we were born to straighten everyone else out. So we do ruffle a few feathers. We are well-organized and reliable, but tend to be moody and perfectionist.

C. My 2 family roles are: (1) the doing role (what I appear to be to the rest of the world)–family hero. Family heroes are hard workers, successful, leaders but feel inadequate because nothing is ever good enough. My second role–( 2) the being role (the role I choose when I am in trouble emotionally–scapegoat. Scapegoats are rebels who have a hard time learning conflict resolution. We tend to pin any trouble on someone else.

D. The two energies I use the most are: creative and logic. Logical people are organized, set goals and have a plan of action. Creative people are flexible in problem-solving and use a lot of imagination.

E. MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). I am INTP. I am an introvert–intuitive–thinking–perceiving person. The main focus in my life is understanding and learning. “INTPs are logical, analytical and detached in their approach to life” according to Charles Martin at CAPT. Whole books have been written about each of these 16 types so more information is very available.