Reinventing Myself

I am reinventing myself. Over the years, I have had eight separate and unique careers. I seem to be on a rotation among all the things I love to do. My present career is writer. I no longer work outside the home. Since I started the Changemaker blog in November, 2004, I have returned to this love of putting words on a page. Creative writing was my favorite course in college in 1961.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I grew up in a world that work meant having a job. I lived in a small town with no job opportunities so I majored in education so that I could teach. I guess I was one of those who chose teaching because I knew that I could get a job. Needless to say, five years later I realized I wanted to do something else. The students were wonderful and fun. I taught college-bound seniors English and made them diagram.They hated it but they learned grammar.

So, getting back to the reinventing myself—I have really enjoyed creating the Changemaker Library. So I am going to continue focusing on choosing great books from all categories. I don’t do book reviews. Instead I like to give the reader a listing of the book’s content as well as excerpts from the author. What I am creating is the opportunity for readers to choose books based on the book’s content.

Also, although I have mainly been writing about my experiences on the spiritual course I have chosen for my life, I find I am at a natural place to add more about other people’s ideas and explorations. For 30+ years, I have lived my life according to the direction I thought I received from God. If this sounds vague I believe we rarely receive a huge mandate from God about much of anything.

I am generally skeptical about those souls who know exactly what God is telling them to do. The difference for me between the ego and the soul is that the messages I hear in my soul are generally things I don’t want to do or don’t feel that I deserve. The Changemaker blog began this way. I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to sustain writing of such a personal nature. The trick for me for writing to the blog is I that I pretend that I’m talking to someone instead of writing.